Celebrating the new season. Spring is here!!!

With Spring moving into Summer we are excited to launch this new Spring inspired brooch.

The garden and tree brooch.

A beautiful contemporary garden and tree brooch hand made in Cornwall. It is entirely individual.

Striking yet simple, this brooch is finished with a gardening charm design makes this piece a perfect choice for day or night.

Have a closer look here.

Whats new for Retail marketing.

Retail is transforming. Retailers need to reduce costs and increase efficiency in a challenging market where consumer spending is being squeezed and costs are rising.

At the same time they need to invest in online, refresh core systems, and develop smarter, personalised offers in addition to rethinking the role of their stores.

Retail Trends 2019

2018 was tough, but there are signs that 2019 could be a better year for consumers as inflation is set to reduce and wages may start to rise. Less of a squeeze on consumers should be good news for retailers, but rising costs will continue to exert pressure on margins and force retailers to focus on cost reduction and operational efficiency even as demand starts to pick up.

2019 could see a further acceleration in store closures as retailers finally get to grips with transforming their real estate portfolios, to be fit for a market where online continues to outperform the rest of the market. The store still has a key role to play, but there will be fewer of them.

They are also facing increasing competition from a number of consumer brands that all want a closer connection with their consumers. There will be more competition for consumers, for the best locations and for the best people as automotive manufacturers and consumer product companies look to develop their presence on the high street and in shopping centres

1: Reimagine the store

The store has a great future but it will be different to its past.

Be more than a store – Retailers need to ensure that their stores remain relevant and are places that consumers want to keep coming back to. Experience is more important than ever, and retailers’ stores need to be more than just places to transact.
Put digital in your physical – Retailers are realising that the biggest impact that digital can have on their business is in-store. Some of the most innovative and compelling stores make digital a core part of the store experience.
Selling online offline – Online retailers are turning to stores to help them grow their businesses and help service their customers. But these are very different stores, ones that look to replicate the online experience in the offline world.

2: Experiment with experience

The only right way to innovate your business is to experiment.

Shop in magical reality – Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to transform the retail experience both online and offline, often connecting the two with more immersive experiences.
Get personal with AI – Artificial intelligence (AI) allows retailers to personalise the shopping and products experience and to do so at scale, utilising large amounts of data.
Design for the eye – Visual search is changing the way that consumers shop for products, with more and more consumer journeys starting with an image or a photograph.

3: Transform your business

Your customers, competition and culture are always changing.

Try, try, try before you buy – We are increasingly seeing payment postponed, first through the checkout-less store and now through checkout-less online. In the competition for the millennial customer, who is seeking seamless experiences and instant gratification, we will see the growth of try before you buy services.
Answer the direct question – Everyone wants to be a retailer. New technologies and platforms are already enabling brands to go direct to consumers, and we predict an increase in activity in 2018. Brands are targeting individual consumers with individual offers and experiences and retailers need to respond by intensifying their focus on their consumers and what their offer means to them.

Discover the value in your values – Brand authenticity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in retail. Consumers want to associate themselves with brands that have a sense of purpose and represent their views, beliefs and values. They are also becoming increasingly intolerant of brands who aren’t transparent and who don’t follow through on their promises.

Instagram for Retailers – 3 top Tips

Recently Instagram has surpassed Twitter in its number of average monthly users, and with visual content now king and it’s now time for you to reconsider your Instagram strategy.

Instagram and the retail industry are a perfect pair. Instagram presents the perfect opportunity to market your retail shop in a subtle but seriously effective way.

So how is Instagram used? We speak with many users of all ages that before making a new purchase always check out the shops social media including their Instagram feed as this gives a feel for the product and what service they might expect. If they don’t like what they see, or if a brand doesn’t have a presence on the platform they will find somewhere else that has a presence.

Retailers need to master the ability to persuade Instagram users that they are the destination of choice. It should present a perfect marketing and branding tool for your business.

Tell your story well

Facebook is great for engagement and Twitter can be a useful customer service tool, Instagram allows retailers to show off the aesthetic appeal of their shop and merchandise in a unique way. It allows you to control how the world views your business by enhancing its key features.

You have to fill your feed with images that tell the story you want to represent your brand, giving a glimpse into life at the outlet and provide potential customers with an idea of what their experience could be like.

Keeping language friendly, engaging and personable to show your brand personality. Keep away from pushy sales rhetoric as this will alienate potential guests and result in an ‘unfollow’ button.

The language you use on Instagram needs to be personable, engaging and friendly.

Be sure to include a mix of imagery, product and outlet photos that represents the whole retail experience so include services and all facilities. You should also show what’s in the local area, attractions and other lifestyle. Position your outlet as the destination of choice.

Encourage all your customers and visitors to Instagram

Peer-to-peer marketing cannot be underestimated and you should encourage all your customers and visitors to share images and feedback through Instagram using a bespoke hashtag for your outlet.

The posts from previous customers and visitors are more authoritative as they’re likely to give a truer – and unfiltered – picture of your business.

59 per cent of Instagram users are aged 18-29, while 33 per cent of those between 30 and 49 are on it. The older generation is now embracing the social platform too, with 18 per cent of 50-64-year-olds using Instagram.

You can inspire customers and visitors to share their experience by hosting competitions

Remember that engagement is so important

Instagram’s new algorithm means a user’s most-viewed and engaged-with pages appear higher up in their feed. To stand out from the crowd, retail brands need to engage using strategic posts that call for feedback.

Always respond quickly with a friendly comment to any mentions or comments, and link in with local businesses by reaching out and commenting on their imagery too.

To build your Instagram following use captivating captions and reach the retail community by using some of the most popular retail hashtags and don’t forget to use your own hashtag too. This also makes it much easier to find what users have posted while at the shop.

Instagram for retailers is a valuable brand marketing opportunity. It makes business sense to utilise the tool.  Remember to maintain a strong presence requires dedication of time and resources every day and your outlet will reap the benefits.

An exciting day as Style of the Wild launches its first product ranges.

This is an exciting day as we launch our mens jewellery and gift brand out into the world.  We hope you like it and come back to buy those special gifts.

Handmade in the wonderful Cornish seaside we have many more collections and ranges due to be launched very soon.

Quality, durability and made with the spirit of adventure we would love you to sign up so that you can see things as they happen!

Come back soon – love from all the team at Style of the Wild. XX

A Perfect Gift for Father’s Day.

A perfect gift for Fathers Day are our quality leather bracelets manufactured here in Cornwall they are made from quality, robust leather and metal clasps. 

Finding the perfect Fathers Day gift can sometimes be difficult.  We have our own designed and made bracelets and also supplement these with other designed bracelets designed for people who value good design. 

Buy these pieces of jewellery for Fathers Day and give your Dad something to remind him of you each day they wear it.

Stle of the wild leather bracelet Style of the wild leather bracelet with copper clasp